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Welcome to the Better Health Centre 

Chungliang Al Huang once said this great quote - “Many people treat their bodies as if they were rented from Hertz….something they are using to get around in but nothing they genuinely care about understanding.” 

The Better Health Centre is an ever growing resource bringing together well researched information from highly trusted sources on health, wellness and diseases covering all age groups.

healthyHere's our mission: To help you live a happier, healthier  and longer life by providing a reliable resource to   help maintain, improve and protect your greatest asset in life .... Your Own Good Health!



We believe that both you, and your family’s health and wellness should be the top priority in your life. Why wait until next year to aim for better health?

The Better Health Centre is designed to provide you with the best health information and solutions to educate and improve your quality of life and offer you better choices for maintaining and achieving a healthier life.

Each subject is clearly identified in the navigation on the left of the page and offers multiple articles covering the topic with a general overview through to more specific information and advice.

For example, parents with teenagers will be interested in learning more about acne, its care and acne treatments as kids of this age are going through a very emotional period and rely heavily on the support of their Mum and Dad.

Asthma is another fast growing ailment worldwide. Here you can find out about the different types of asthma, what to do if someone is having an asthma attack and what are the symptoms of childhood asthma.

Simple everyday matters such as bad breath are discussed and so is the current number one lifestyle related dilemma of high blood pressure.

Should you have ageing parents we offer some good resources for understanding the likes of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as the other one common in the elderly Parkinson’s Disease. Unfortunately any of us can end up as carers for one of these diseases so having a good basic understanding of the problem is important.

Menopause with its Hot Flashes and weight gain problems causes many problems for women and couples in general.....see menopause as a couple for some good ideas on how to handle life with menopause.

And more and more facts about nutrition are becoming one of the most important parts of our lives.....get some good nutrition advice here.

And while we are talking about nutrition who can resist having a look at some Celebrity Diets and to catch up with the hottest celebrity diets that work.

Another very popular problem is the areas of Hair Loss and Hair Removal.

These are only just a few of the comprehensive list of resources available to you.

Our Better Health Centre information knowledge bank has new information added every week so why not…...

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