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About Acne

 Acne is a skin ailment that is neither contagious nor blood related.

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Firstly we need to know - What is Acne?

It is estimated that about 85% of teenagers to young adults are expected to have to endure the indignity of having some type of acne at some time.

Many people may also not be aware that acne is a skin disease affecting people the world over regardless of race, gender or age.

Generally speaking though, zits as they are often incorrectly called are usually associated with teenagers……but there is also the not so common – adult acne.

About Acne: Basically, acne is an inflammatory process which is different from the more common pimple that seems to magically appear from nowhere on some poor unsuspecting face.

As kids reach puberty and start out on the road to adulthood, changes occur in their levels of hormone.

This in turn causes changes in skin gland size with more oil being produced by the gland, pores become clogged and inflammation becomes evident. More often than not this results in what is referred to as acne.

Thankfully as we reach adulthood things start to settle down a little and the majority of acne, which is usually minor anyway, tends to disappear. It should also be well noted that from the time of reaching puberty an essential daily ritual must be acne skin care and a really good understanding of What is Acne.

Acne Care – this is of paramount importance, especially to all teenagers – if you happen to notice an area of skin becoming red and inflamed then keep a very close eye on it – if the area does happen to become infected it can leave some very nasty acne scars.

Acne Treatment – even though there is no firm evidence that certain foods such as chocolate will cause acne it is still wise to follow a healthy diet containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables plus some daily exercise.

This will result in much healthier skin – but it doesn’t mean it will totally prevent the occurrence of acne.

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