Concealer for Acne

Treatments for acne are readily available with most being very safe to use and providing positive results.

A lot of the over the counter treatments do a great job of fixing the milder cases that most teenagers seem to get.

For the more acute cases you will find doctor prescribed treatments are able to cure most acne problems within a few months.

But sometimes we need an acne concealer to help us through these harrowing times.

Facial acne is a very socially embarrassing condition and telling people not to be worried about their appearance is just not going to work. In fact it will probably just make them feel worse. 

A Concealer for Acne becomes a critical medication for helping these people feel more at ease.

Everyone wants to look their best when out in public as this is a direct reflection of their inner self presenting their confidence and good health for all the world to see.

Women may find the problem either harder to handle than men do and in other cases it is easier for the girls.

On the one hand women are more likely to be judged on their looks but then on the other side they have more weapons in their armoury to conceal acne. Good makeup being the key here.

So girls learn to keep an eye out for good brand name makeup that is labelled 'non-comedogenic'.

But what are Comedones?

Well it is a common name for particular forms of mild acne which also includes blackheads and whiteheads and they are one of the main causes of acne occurrences.

Non-comedogenic acne makeup products are specifically made to minimize clogging of the pores.

A Concealer for Acne is the best thing to use to quell the outbreak. It will cover the redness that regularly accompanies pimples or in worse cases, cover cysts too. But, most importantly, don’t apply it too thickly. Just gently dab the medication on with a clean disposable sponge and gently work it over the affected area until you have a nice even covering. 

Also, make sure you use a good foundation as that will help to blend the tones together.

And again… is really important not to use too much……which is a very common mistake as many people think it will do a better job. An even covering foundation for concealing acne well blended to a consistent overall colour is the answer to looking good.   

Another point to note is a good foundation softens shadows and provides a much less reflective surface than skin does so the contrast produced by your acne bumps is much less noticeable. 

If you look at a professional photo the lighting is perfect, the skin looks nice and silky and skin blemishes are minimized……that’s what a good foundation can do for you.

Just a light powder to finish and you will have attained all those benefits and be ready to meet the world. For men the job is a little more difficult as they don’t normally wear makeup.

However there are specially formulated concealers for acne that will do the job.

Over the counter acne treatments will often incorporate makeup-like formulas which are quite good and there is also the option of men’s makeup. It is more subtle than that used by women so will tend to be less concealing but lots of men are happy with the results. 

Any concealer for acne must be removed before going to bed at night.

The normal routine of gently washing with a mild cleanser then followed by treating your affected areas with an appropriate acne medication will have you looking your best again in no time.

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