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 Laser acne treatment – does it work?

Laser Acne Treatment for severe acne problems – find out more.....

Although people who have mild to moderate acne can often treat their condition effectively through acne medication over the counter or home remedies, this isn’t the case for those suffering from severe problems.

When your acne is severe, most products that you find on the pharmacy shelves will have little to no effect on your condition.

So if you are experiencing severe acne or you have acne that doesn’t seem to go away with alternative acne medication, you will need to see a dermatologist.

In recent years many dermatologists are finding that laser acne treatment is proving to be one of the most effective cures and also the best for getting rid of and preventing acne scarring.

Laser Acne Treatment – how it works.

Although there are antibiotics and topical treatments that the dermatologist may recommend for treating your condition, you may want to consider the latest acne cure - laser treatment.

Through this process varying wavelengths are pulsated against the skin to kill the large sebaceous glands and remove the lesions. The lasers have also been known to decrease the inflammation and redness that you see with acne.

The lasers will take off the outer-most layer of the skin, which often contains mostly dead skin cells.

This will allow the skin to breathe more, preventing the pores from getting blocked. By taking off this outer layer of skin, you will form a new layer of skin that is much healthier. Unlike the use of antibiotics and topical treatments, laser treatments have few side effects.
Since using lasers as a way to cure acne is a relatively new concept, there are still a number of people out there who are sceptical about its effectiveness.

The side effects that have been associated with the laser acne treatment are slight burns on the skin and redness. This can last for a few weeks before disappearing completely.

In situations where the laser treatment was poorly done, unevenness of the skin may result. Some people that have dark skin have ended up with discoloration of their skin as a result of treatment.

When deciding what skin care acne treatment is best for you, make sure that you consider the following:

• How severe is your acne?
• How long have you been suffering from acne?
• What herbal acne medication and over the counter acne treatments have you tried in the past?
• Do you have fair or sensitive skin that could get damaged through acne treatments?
• Does your family have a history of acne problems?
• What is your budget for getting the most effective acne cures?
• What are your concerns with certain acne treatments?
• Do you feel comfortable with using the latest acne cures?

Once you have answered all of the previous information, provide your dermatologist with the information so that he can help you come up with a good decision on treating your acne condition.

You may find that you are the perfect candidate for laser acne treatment or you may find out that there is over the counter medications you haven’t considered yet that may be all you need to finally see clear results.

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