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 Allergy Asthma | The Causes and some cures for you...

Allergy asthma is one of the most common forms of asthma attack. 

It is when the body is exposed to allergens to which the body is sensitive causing allergic reactions which induce bronchial inflammation and irritation to the lining of the airways and lungs making it difficult for the allergy prone person to breathe.

How bad is allergy asthma now?

The official rate of allergy in the U.S. in 1959 was between 2% and 5% of the general population. By 1999 that official rate figure of allergy had jumped to an unbelievable figure of 38% of Americans.

These figures are also similar in countries like Australia.

Childhood asthma, which was once considered rare, has now taken the mantle as the number one chronic childhood disease in the U.S.

Allergy asthma can be caused by any number of varying substances and different people are allergic to specific substances in different ways. But the most common allergen of all is pollen.

Garden type allergies are very common so if you are thinking of landscaping your garden think of biodiversity – landscaping that will limit allergenic exposure.

Plant lots of female trees and shrubs as they don’t shed any pollen (to find suitable plant stock research OPALS™ - Ogren Plant Allergy Scale). Also avoid plants with strong fragrances such as jasmine.

Children asthma is a growing concern for parents and don’t kids just love playing in the garden and rolling around in the grass.

Make your garden a beautiful pollen free, allergy free asthma friendly garden by planting low allergy ranking shrubs and grasses, put in some wind chimes and bird feeders and you will greatly reduce the incidence of children asthma.

Allergy asthma has grown at an alarming rate worldwide in recent years and doctors and scientists are not quite sure why. Increasing pollution is certainly having some effect.

Crowding in the big cities is known to be one of the biggest risk factors for the growing presence of pests like cockroaches and rodents. Droppings from these pests are two of the most common allergens in children with allergy asthma.

Cleaning your house for allergy asthma: Here is another way to prevent the incidence of an asthma attack. Thorough vacuuming of mattresses and pillows, behind furniture, screens and vents, carpets, behind the T.V. and stereo – in fact any nook or crannie where house dust mites are likely to collect.

Pets are also another contributing factor especially cats and long haired dogs so keep them well washed and groomed. Become a vacuuming fanatic and you will breathe easier plus greatly reduce the incidence of children asthma.

Asthma medication: Corticosteroid inhalers for many years have been the accepted form of treatment for asthma (use only as directed by your doctor). Another way to administer the medication is with an Asthma Nebulizer.

It is also now generally known and accepted that interventions to reduce as much as possible a persons exposure to allergens will greatly reduce the symptoms of allergy asthma