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How to be free of back pain when Breastfeeding.

When a new mother decides to breastfeed her new baby, it can be an extremely exciting and bonding experience for both mother and child. Unfortunately, there are some down falls that come with the excitement, and that is back pain. If a new mother does not get her posture just right during feedings, back pain can often occur.

If a woman suffers from back pain while she is carrying her child inside her, it is very likely she could suffer from back pain while breastfeeding her new baby. But new mothers should not be discouraged by that fact, as there are many tips to get the most out of breastfeeding while still keeping her back in good shape. The following paragraphs will discuss some of these tips.

One of the most important factors in keeping a healthy, pain-free back while breastfeeding is a good supportive chair. This is essential. A new mother should take into consideration how comfortable the chair is, in which she sits to feed her baby. If the chair is not supporting her back properly, she should consider placing pillows behind her, to help ensure better support and comfort.

Another good tip to help prevent back pain in nursing mothers is bringing the baby towards her breast rather than straining her back to lean over the child. Some new mothers feel it necessary to create some horrendous positions to breastfeed their babies. While these positions may sometimes make it easier for the baby, they can put tremendous strain on the mother's back, even causing permanent damage in some cases. By pulling the baby towards her breast, as opposed to bring the breast to the baby can help prevent back pain and back damage in breastfeeding mothers.

If a new mother is looking for a good chair to breastfeed her baby in, that will help prevent back pain, and she should consider a platform rocking chair with arm support. This type of rocker can be purchased from many stores that sell baby products and furniture. Many new mothers feel this is an essential piece of furniture in their nurseries. A good platform rocking chair can take the pressure off a mother's back, while allowing her to rest her arms while breastfeeding her baby.

Many new mothers who chose to breastfeed their babies have recommended using a foot rest while nursing. A small footstool can be purchased at a fairly reasonable price and can become a very useful piece of furniture. When the mother sits with her legs elevated, not only does it rest her feet and legs, but it also positions her body back, so her back is more firmly rested against the back of the chair. This will improve her posture during breast feeding, and decrease the chances of a sore back.

Breast feeding should be a pleasurable experience for both mother and baby. If the nursing mother is suffering with pain, the baby will sense it, and likely become distressed himself.  This could lead to feeding problems, and can cause nursing mothers to discontinue breastfeeding their baby.