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 Celebrity Diets

Which Celebrity Diets should you try?

There are many new diets appearing everyday which have been developed by celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez, Suzanne Somers and Lindsay Lohan have all had success with their personal diet plans.

And Oprah Winfrey lost a healthy amount of weight with Bob Greene’s diet program.


So is there a difference between these celebrities diets?

And if so…..what is it?

Suzanne Somers, who is an actress well known for her role as Chrissy from “Three’s Company”, developed a diet which often called the SomerSize diet.

Suzanne claims that for her, the SomerSizing diet is actually her lifestyle. Her journey whilst using the diet has been recorded and she has now written four books about it and the diet. She was 20 pounds overweight when she started the diet. Now she is healthy and weighs a good healthy amount.

Before she started the SomerSizing diet, Suzanne says she tried all sorts of fad diets such as the TWA Stewardess diet and the Waterman diet.

She recalls the perpetual feeling of hunger and believes the diets are not designed for long term use to maintain the healthy weight.  She says she and a lot of other people must feel deprived whilst on this diet and have a feeling of binge mentality due to it.

SomerSizing is based on the proper balance of foods.

Suzanne believes if fats are in their natural state, then they are healthy.

The SomerSize way of eating involves four groups: proteins, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates. These include cereals, beans, whole grain pastas, fruits and non-fat dairy products.

She removes the foods which have been dubbed “funky foods” such as brown sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, raw sugar and caffeine.

Alcohol is not allowed in a lot of celebrity diets including Jennifer Lopez’s diet and Oprah’s.

The Jennifer Lopez diet plan believes the key to staying slim and healthy is just to eat simply and do regular exercise.

Jennifer Lopez has always had a very steady and healthy weight which sparks interest from many people. Even though she has had plenty of reasons for emotional eating, she has avoided it and stayed slim.

She says her good diet is due to a healthy lifestyle as you can not have one without the other. She does not drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs, just like many other celebrities.

Many studies have been made about what alcohol does to the body. It has been proven to increase the hip to waist ratio. This then relates directly to heart disease and insulin resistance.

There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol. Work that one out!! Ouch!!

When you drink alcohol, instead of burning the carbohydrates you eat, the body uses the drink as fuel instead, so the carbs in your food turn to fat. This is why so many celebrities avoid drinking alcohol.

People have taken it upon themselves to guess what is in the Lindsay Lohan diet – basing their findings on what she has said in interviews. She is most well known for her role in “Mean Girls”.

When going through emotional stress, a lot of people tend to eat more which can cause weight increase. For celebrity Lindsay Lohan however, it went the other way. She admits to not eating right due to turmoil from her parents. It is rumoured she has bulimia.

This shows that if you have the right lifestyle, it makes a big difference to what you eat and in turn, your weight. If you are in a happy environment, you will be happy and be motivated to eat well.

Celebrity Diets like the Lindsay Lohan diet is not recommended, nor is it healthy. It shows how important emotion is to maintaining a healthy diet. It is very important to control our emotions and our diet plans.

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