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 Celebrity Diets That Work

Celebrity Diets that Work – discover what the Stars are saying about successful Dieting and Weight Loss…..

Alison Sweeny’s career set off in the Soap Opera, “Days of our Lives”. She is now the host of the television show “Big Loser”. She is a strong believer in eating healthy and keeping fit.

Unlike other celebrities, Alison lost weight by herself.

She says she kept a diary of all the food she ate then found out what the problem was and… eliminated it!

She was eating too much food packed with carbohydrates and too much sweet stuff.

Alison now knows what is good for her body and can choose the best things to eat. She likes salads!

She is also a big believer in losing weight for yourself. If you want to lose weight and are not just doing it because your parent or spouse wants you too, then she’ll gladly give her advice.

According to Alison, being healthy is the goal, not being skinny.


Other celebrity diets that work are often sponsored by sports stars who are also idols for many young people. Abby Wambach plays in the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team and is a great example. On her time off, Abby runs an all-girls soccer camp in New York.

Abby believes the best thing to do is encourage girls to stay healthy and active.

Before a game, she will drink Gatorade to keep her body going and hydrated because soccer can make you pretty sweaty! Gatorade helps replace the electrolytes.

According to Janet Jackson, emotional eating is a major cause for weight gain, especially in females. This then makes it harder to lose the weight because being over weight brings down morale making the process a lot harder.

Hence Janet made a weight loss program to help defeat emotional eating and in turn be able to diet successfully!

Janet Jackson believes that emotional eating is why so many women struggle with weight loss. She developed a weight loss plan that helps to conquer emotional eating and thus allows you to be a successful dieter.

This must be one of the top celebrity diets as Janet was a big inspiration for a lot of women losing 60 pounds on her own diet.

After swiftly losing weight with the help of nutritionist and trainer, Janet developed a combination of exercises and healthy food.

After four months of this plan, she appeared on the cover of the best-selling ever issue of the US weekly. The article was called “How I Got Thin”. It is the belief of many that this plan is a perfect balance of the right foods and exercise.

The key strategy to a lot of diets is frequent and smaller meals rather than three big ones each day.  This helps reduce hunger but still brings weight loss!

So really, all that needs to be done is eat healthy and exercise well.

A lot of celebrity diets that work also appear to avoid foods such as white sugar, alcohol, white flour and soft drinks…..celeb diets following this method tend to have successful weight loss.

Dr Phil is also a celebrity high on the weight loss success stories charts. 

As he is a self-improvement speaker and motivator, TV host and book author, he is expected to be good at such things and is certainly very used to being famous!

As with a lot of celebrity diets that work, the majority of Dr Phil’s diet triumph is due to his own popularity.

As expected, Dr Phil’s weight loss program focuses on the psychological aspects of weight gain.

It is his philosophy that weight loss and gain depends on personal psychology and physiology.

There are seven keys to weight loss in Dr Phil’s celebrity diet plan:

  • the right thinking of self control;
  • a no fail environment;
  • intentional exercise;
  • food mastery and food impulses;
  • healing feelings;
  • high response cost high yield nutrition;
  • circle of support.

It is often overlooked, but the determination and encouragement are a big factor when it comes to healthy and successful weight loss.

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