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Hair Loss in Women | The facts


In today's society the subject of women's hair loss is not often discussed.

There are so many television commercials, conversations and jokes about baldness amongst men, but seldom about hair loss among women.

It is well noted that female hair loss is not as socially accepted like it is with men.

But did you know - one out of every five females suffers with thinning hair and very few women know a thing about the subject. So here are a few clues.

The most common cause of hair loss in women is heredity. If a woman's father, mother, or grandparents suffered with hair thinning and loss, chances increase that she will suffer with it as well.

Apart from this, other factors that contribute to hair loss in women can include:

• severe stress
• illnesses that include special diets
• medications
• chemotherapy
• age

Medications for diabetics are also known to cause hair loss in women.

If you notice you are losing your hair, the worst thing you can do is panic. Hair loss is not the end of the world for you! Something can be done.

Panicking will more than likely worsen the condition. Loosing your hair does not mean you are going to lose your friends, your job and your partner.

A woman with a hair loss problem should never feel alone, and you should never lose hope – you have lots of good company.

There are approximately 30 million other women suffering from female hair loss all over the world.

Whatever you do – don’t lose your confidence - you must try to remain calm and always remember that you are just as beautiful as you were before your hair loss.

Many people in this world are not so shallow, and will support women who are losing their hair instead of looking down on you.

There are many options available on the market today to help prevent and treat hairloss in women.

One of the most popular hair loss products is Rogaine, which is also used to help fight hair loss in men.

Rogaine has been used widely by men and women worldwide with some very good results. This hair product has been proven to slow down hair loss, and in some cases, even revert it.

With women's hair loss, it is totally different from when a man begins to suffer from baldness. Rather than experiencing total loss, like men do, fortunately female hair loss usually only consists of thinning.

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