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How to Stop Snoring at Night

Snoring can best be described as a resonant sound caused by the respiratory tract while sleeping.

What happens is there’s a vibration in the airway connecting the mouth and nose.

The amount of vibration is dependent on the size of the airways so a narrow air passage creates more pronounced snores.

Since men have larger necks than women there is fleshier tissue in their necks which combine with the air flow to cause snoring.

Other reasons that can be a cause of snoring are certain allergies and their medications, thickened tissues in nasal passage, a cold or the flu, Goiter, enlarged adenoids, overuse of nasal sprays, obesity, having an overly large tongue, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, having a large belly and plus the normal process of aging.

Ideas on How to Stop Snoring At Night

As with most health related issues leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to counteract the problem of snoring.

By stopping smoking and restricting your alcohol intake then adding some regular exercise and eating a good healthy diet you will be amazed how much this will help.

Here’s another tip……don’t take sleeping pills because they can actually trigger snoring.

Instead of taking the pills engage your mind on pleasant thoughts and good memories. This will promote a sense of calmness helping your mind to relax and induce sleep.

You could also try inhaling steam before going to bed to stop snoring at night. Adding a little Vicks or a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the hot water will also help.

Having blocked or partially blocked airways is one of the most common causes of snoring so inhaling steam will help clear the nasal passages making breathing much easier. You can also buy anti-snoring pillows which many people claim to be a great help to stop you snoring at night.

Anti snoring pillows are thinner in the middle causing your head to remain aligned with the spinal column. The pillow also keeps the jaw forward, keeping the air passage way open.

How to stop snoring problems is so common that in the US Patent Trade Office there are more than 300 remedies registered to stop snoring at night.

They include things such as anti-snoring exercises, hypnosis, plastic ring with magnets which can be attached to the nose, a biofeedback sleep aid device that needs to be worn on the wrist and the list goes on.

As a last resort to stop snoring at night there is surgery.

This drastic choice should be thought about only if other non-surgical alternatives have failed. So before you consider palatal surgery, be sure your snoring is not coming from the base of your tongue.

We have also come across home remedies such as eating yogurt daily, having a slice of bread before sleeping and drinking eucalyptus tea. We can’t guarantee how well these ideas work they would certainly be worth trying to help stop snoring at night.