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More commonly called HRT – what is it?

Undertaking hormone therapy is a very personal decision and you need to be extremely well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of HRT before you commence this kind of therapy.

The two types of female hormone replacement….Bio identical HRT and synthetic HRT….what’s the difference? 


Hormone replacement therapy for the symptoms of menopause can be chosen from different treatment options. There are two types of replacement hormones that are commonly prescribed by doctors.

Synthetic hormones, as the name suggests, are chemically produced, while bio identical hormones are plant-derived. Both types of replacement hormones work in much the same way and indications are that one is really no better than the other.

Literally millions of women worldwide are given prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy each year.

While some women are well able to tolerate synthetic hormones, many others prefer the more natural approach in coping with the rigors of menopause.

There is a school of thought that synthetic hormones carry a greater risk for both short and long-term side effects.

Bio identical hormones are usually associated with a more natural approach and therefore carry less in the way of side effects.

There are many different brands and types of HRT.

It can be administered in a tablet form, as skin patches, implants, vaginal pessaries, gels and vaginal creams. Each method has its own set of side effects and risks.

Hormone Replacement Therapy works to counteract the oestrogen deficiency that occurs in women as a result of menopause. The name HRT can also be a little misleading for some as HRT does not wind the clock back and fully restore the balance of hormones to a post-menopausal status thereby returning the woman to a pre-menopausal state.

When a female chooses to take replacement hormones for menopause, a doctor will inform her which types of replacement hormones are best suited for her. Also, it is important to remember that both bio identical and synthetic hormones can have interactions with other prescription drugs and supplements so be sure to inform your doctor of any other medications you may be taking.

Before starting out on any kind of hormone replacement therapy learn all you can about the subject of HRT and do more research at a trusted site like MedlinePlus which is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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