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 Hot Flashes during Menopause

How to deal with Hot Flushes during Menopause.

Are you fully prepared for some menopause hot flashes?

Many women have said that the worst part of menopause is the bothersome symptoms that can be associated with the menopause itself.

These symptoms may include:   forgetfulness, changes in speech, moodiness and hot flashes.


Most women say that hot flashes are the most annoying of any of the symptoms combined, and hot flashes are often the very first signs of menopause.

Quite often women have no idea what is happening to them when they first have a hot flash. Hearing from your family doctor, or from a friend, can help pre menopausal women to know exactly what they are dealing with when it comes to hot flashes.

Panic attacks and menopause: not only can hot flashes be irritating, but they can also be very scary. Sometimes hot flashes are even mistaken with the onset of panic attacks. Being educated and well prepared ahead of time is the best approach to take with hot flashes.

If you are coming upon menopause, or even if it has already started, the following paragraphs will be insightful on helping you deal with hot flashes throughout menopause.

As said, women report that hot flashes can be a frightening experience. When hot flashes begin, the neck and face will often become flushed. Once this occurs, the "heat" generally spreads fast across the chest area and then starts spreading across the entire body.

Some women even experience an increase in their heart beat with hot flashes, as well as become nauseous from the flushness or may even get a headache. During a hot flash, most women have reported profuse sweating to the point of saturating clothes.

Hot flashes during menopause can be sporadic and can come with very little warning. For the most part, menopausal women have no control over their hot flashes.

Although they can occur at almost any part of the day or night, most women report having hot flashes only at night. This is sometimes referred to as night sweats, but in all reality, they are hot flashes at night.

The frequency of hot flashes during menopause varies from woman to woman, and some women never get them at all. They typically last between 3-6 minutes, but can seem a lot longer when you are having one.

If you are coming upon menopause, do not worry about hot flashes until they happen to you. You may be one of the women who never have to experience one. What could be said as, “one of the lucky ones!”

The best thing to do to help during a hot flash is move to a cooler area. If you are in bed, you should remove the covers. You may also find splashing cold water on your face provides a nice cooling effect.

Hot flashes and menopause go together – good research and preparedness will help see you through.

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