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How to Deal with Menopause as a Couple

Menopause and anxiety…don’t let them tear your good relationship apart!

When a woman is going through menopause, and she is married or has a partner, they may find themselves with some very different challenges to hurdle, by comparison with any other point in time in their lives.

The menopause challenges a woman on an individual level as well as affecting both people in the relationship. For most women, it is difficult to get her partner in the relationship to understand the depths of the changes to her body and emotions.

This is because it can be equally as difficult for the male in the relationship to empathize in all cases. Communication and understanding are the main keys in successfully dealing with menopause in relationships.

During menopause, women tend to show emotions that have never been expressed before in a relationship. Because of the nature of menopause, problems that were left unexpressed in the past are often brought to light, and fights can occur.

Many women tend to push their partners away in part because they feel they can no longer relate to them on a physical level.

During menopause, some women tend to have a decrease in sex drive. It is really important for her partner to understand this fact about menopause. 

The best way for relationships to deal with menopause is to know what is possible. Familiarizing yourselves with the problems that can be associated with menopause can help prepare for the serious changes ahead.

Hormonal imbalances caused by menopause can cause emotional changes that can in turn lead to verbal arguments and misunderstandings in couples.

It is essential for both parties in a relationship to realize that these hormonal imbalances can cause anxiety and lead to depression.

Menopausal women should not be blamed in these instances. She will likely need more attention during menopause, and perhaps more expressions of love and understanding.

Because one of the possible symptoms of menopause is vaginal discomfort, both partners will need to show a little tender loving care during menopause.

It may be necessary to eventually find a good method of lubrication in order to help deal with this menopausal side effect.

Overall, the key factor in helping couples deal with menopause as a team is good communication. Keeping feelings bottled up and ignoring important issues in not going to help.

Communicating your feelings to your partner in order to avoid disagreements is the best method of helping couples handle menopause together.

Managing menopause should be a joint effort – and the only way for the male partner in your life to really understand what’s happening is for him to do some serious research to get an understanding of the First Symptoms of Menopause