Nutrition Needs

How to Find What Fits Your Nutrition Needs ....  

Lacking in energy?

Don’t understand why?

Although you might be doing everything you have read in magazines to keep your energy up, it is most likely you are not doing what is right for your own body.

So you are feeling low and tired.

Having a balanced diet and a exercise program right for you is probably all you need to not only get back on your feet, but feel great!

You can not feel this good without knowing exactly what your own, personal, individual, exclusive, particular, special, private body needs.

You need to know your bodies make up and nutrition needs

A body is measured by its mass and mass to fat mass ratios –which means a big variation between everyone’s bodies.

This measurement gives you a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which states how many calories you burn and what your healthy balance should be like.

Having the right balance of fat mass in your body means the healthiest lifestyle and feeling.

There are three things used to measure body to fat mass. These are protein, carbohydrates and fat.

The next thing taken into account is how well your metabolism copes with these three things.

Everything should be balanced with what you eat and how much and well you exercise.

Once these measurements are taken, it is easy to work out whether anything is out of balance and how you can fix problems with your body.

As an adult, you should get your cholesterol checked and blood pressure measured to make sure there is nothing you need to change in your diet because if either of these is too low or high, serious problems can arise later down the track.

It is very common to have blood pressure or cholesterol levels which are too high or too low.

If this is a problem for you, you should try to step into healthy new habits and patterns.

Once you have had your blood pressure, metabolism, cholesterol and fat mass to body mass ratio checked, it is then easy to work out what you need to do to improve on with you diet and daily exercise.

To get these checked, your Doctor or a physician would be happy to help.

A few select professional fitness trainers would also be happy to check out these things for you and they would also be able to provide a healthy workout to suit your body.

Then you can launch straight into a healthy lifestyle!

If you don’t know your body and its nutrition needs, then you can’t help it. 

When you know your body you can provide it with what it needs. Being aware of your Nutrition Basics you will be able to loose weight and tone and build muscle!

Then you will feel great!