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Facts About Nutrition

Learn the Facts about Nutrition.....

Nutrition is very important in this day and age. It can affect everything from your weight to disease cause and prevention.

Knowing the facts about nutrition is a good way of understanding why things happen the way they do and is a good way to keep motivated about staying healthy and eating well.


About 10,000 years ago, agriculture was developed in the world. People had farms and wider ranges of food appeared for everyone.

People could choose to have milk, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Meals were cooked and procedures began to play a major part in cultures and how they survived.

It was only recently in the early 1800’s when scientist made discoveries about the different ways foods were built. Different sorts of food were put into new categories. They found out what sort of compounds were contained in what sort of foods.

Experiments were performed on dogs to see what maintained good health.

Other facts about nutrition are in beginning of the 1900’s we saw new terms becoming well known such as “calories” as a main unit of energy.

Studies on Minerals, types of vitamins, amino acid, nutrients and energy sources revealed what foods were healthy and what combination of foods should be taken throughout the day.

This brought on the discovery of all different vitamins and what impact they have on your body.

Around the 1940’s almost all foods had been examined closely but even today discoveries are still being made about disease prevention and obesity issues.

It is now common knowledge of what a balanced meal should include. 

These days people are also looking at what kinds of foods might help sustain and lengthen their lives.

Since the Industrial Revolution, food is processed differently. Society went from being agriculture based to industrial based.

Almost everything to do with food has changed. It is grown or raised differently; pesticides have been mixed in, preservatives added and supplements made.

Governments have had to write laws on the alteration of foods and policies have been made to keep up with the technological advances in food.

The science of nutrition is based on what is best for the average person’s lifestyle.

Discoveries have been made on what is in our foods and what effects different foods have on our bodies. Without these developments and discoveries over the years we would not be as healthy as we are today.

Good Nutrition is something we are all becoming more aware of each day as we all search for better and more healthy lifestyles.