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 Teeth Whitening Products

Everyone wants a big bright smile and sparkling white teeth to enhance their appearance, boost their confidence and have the look of a movie star.

Unfortunately everyone’s teeth naturally discolor as we age but a poor diet, illness and of course smoking will add to this yellowing or graying effect.  

Most teeth whitening products work well on teeth which have yellowed, while only a select few will work on whitening severely brown or grey teeth.

In order to choose the best tooth-whitening process and product the first thing you need to decide is whether you want the dentist to carry out the treatment or whether you will do it yourself at home. 

If when considering whitening your teeth you also have to consider your budget, you might like to know that most professional Dental treatments can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, whereas over the counter treatments generally stay under $100.

Either way your next step before starting on whitening your teeth by either method is to have them professionally cleaned by your dentist. 

At the same time you can discuss your desire for whiter teeth, which will give the dentist an opportunity to suggest the best method and products that will suit your particular circumstances. 


Over the years teeth whitening has progressed from a trend to a national obsession with many products and processes now available.  Most dental clinics offer peroxide bleaching as well as laser treatments to whiten teeth. 

While there are a myriad of do-it-yourself at home type products around, some work more effectively than others depending on the degree of yellowing and staining.   

Tray-based, strip and gel home bleaching methods have proven to work well together with abrasive stain removers like whitening toothpaste.

Also, be aware that some of these methods only remove the surface stains which may have built up as a layer over top of your teeth.  

Other methods will work more effectively at changing the actual colour of your natural teeth by up to three shades whiter. 

Special whitening kits can be purchased from drug or grocery stores while others are only available from dental clinics.

For those who have had dental work carried out such as fillings, caps or crowns, you will need to discuss with your dentist a porcelain veneer or other method of changing the color of your filling, as your filling was made to match the colour of your teeth at the time it was put in.

Teeth whitening products produce exclusively cosmetic results and unfortunately cannot correct damaged teeth or gums.

Therefore before you undertake any type of treatment or use a product it is best to do some carefully research to make sure it is safe for your teeth and your overall health.

The method you choose should be based on tooth safety, as well as on what caused the discoloration of your teeth.

While most teeth whitening treatments delivered by a professional dentist (except for some laser whitening) are usually approved by the dental association, they can be much more expensive than over the counter products. 

Another comparison that needs to be made between dental treatments and over the counter products is the time required.

Tooth bleaching at home requires performing whitening treatments daily for a series of days or weeks.

On the other hand professional dental treatments will take much less time to complete the process. A survey showed that two weeks of in-house whitening treatments would give you the same result given by one-hour session with the dentist.

No one method will cause your teeth to become whiter and stay whiter forever, but the effects from dental treatments do last longer. They also take less time to see results, for those who need quicker results.

For those who want a 100% natural tooth whitening product they might like to try rubbing crushed strawberries over their teeth before brushing.

Remember, regular brushing after every meal with a soft bristle toothbrush as well as flossing daily will also help to keep your teeth pearly white – it is your passport to perfect smile care.